Change is Possible

I became a therapist because of the life-changing experiences I had on my own therapeutic journey. 

I believe we each have an innate force that drives us towards wholeness and the fulfillment of our individual potential. However, experiences of pain, fear, stress, and abuse lead to a break from our personal experience of the soul, resulting in a deep sense of loss and isolation from Self and others. Therapy is part of the journey towards wholeness, and the therapist acts as a witness, companion and guide along the way. 

I have been practicing therapy for 17 years, as well as teaching psychology and counseling psychology courses for more than 10 years. My work as a therapist is profoundly fulfilling, and I grow with my clients everyday. Teaching has been a rewarding way of staying on top of the latest research, while staying connected to younger generations!  

Effective therapy takes place within the context of the relationship between the client and the therapist.  In therapy, I work collaboratively with my clients to remove obstacles that block the connection to a deeper experience of an authentic self, and help clients move towards the realization of a fulfilling and purposeful life.  I find that an honest, direct, compassionate, and humorous approach is the most rewarding and the most effective in facilitating change.

 I utilize an eclectic approach that enables me to be flexible and effective with clients.  Work with me includes:

  • Depth psychology

    • talk therapy - dream work - active imagination - expressive arts - sandplay

  • cognitive/behavioral and mindfulness techniques to change dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behaving

  • trauma treatment from a Hakomi-oriented perspective

  • somatic techniques that allow us to tap into body consciousness